Folk group ROZMARYN


The folk group Rozmaryn from Uhersky Brod represents the cultural heritage of Moravian Slovakia - the region on the Czecho-Slovak border where you can breathe the air full of smell of the traditional plum brandy. Picturesque villages under the hills of White Carpathian Mountains still keep their old customs during popular celebrations and church feasts. Each village has its specific dance and the wealth of the region is reflected in the rich decorations of the traditional folk costumes.

Rozmaryn shows these traditions to the audience on festivals and cultural programs in the Czech Republic as well as abroad. The group was founded 35 years ago, during its existence it performed in a lot of european countries and since the beginning a lot of great singers, dancers and musicians were among its members.

 The performances are composed of traditional couple dances and songs. The thing of particular interest is a specific male solo dance. so called "verbunk" which used to be danced by young boys before they were recruited to a military service. Verbunk is included in the prestigious Unesco list and make a part of the world cultural heritage.

Dances are accompanied by the live cimballo music, musicians use traditional instruments.
The folk costumes originate from the beginning of the 20thn century, they were still worn in everyday life 50 or 60 years ago and till now they can be seen during special celebrations and festive occasions. Dancers use 3 kinds of costumes different in the richness of decorations. The biggest variability is in female costumes.

Women festive costumes are special with its sleeves stuffed with paper whitch makes them voluminous, a rich decorated embroidered vest with splendid beads, knitted tights with rich flower motives and also a couple of strongly starched white skirts worn under an embroidered red skirt. Their head is covered with a red scarf.

Men wear dark blue trousers, a white bag-sleeved shirt with a short vest decorated with polished metal studs and a small hat with flowers and a pair white cock feathers.


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